Screen is Blank

I have installed your app manually onto my NextCloud server and when I activate it and click on the icon to open the screen it is blank there is nothing there.

Hi andmax,

The app requires a FHIR server for its data store. Please make sure that you setup and configure FHIR server as instructed here


Hello! I’m seeing similar results as well. The error message I’m getting on my instance is
Refused to apply style from ‘{website}/index.php/apps/dashboard/’ because its MIME type (‘text/html’) is not a supported stylesheet MIME type, and strict MIME checking is enabled.

I’m seeing three calls all with 200, which indicates that the FHIR server is up and operational:

  • providers?from=%2Fapps%2Fehr%2F
  • Patient?identifier=admin&_include=Patient:link
  • notifications

My nextcloud instance is 20.0.7, running on Chrome

Hi aranzou,

This may be related to url. I think you have not enabled pretty urls since I see “index.php” on your url.

I will try to reproduce this issue and create a ticket. In the meantime, could you please give it a try with pretty urls enabled on your instance?


Hey aysel!

Thank you for the quick reply. That is absolutely what it was, everything is operating as expected now.


Awesome, here is the ticket: