Kailona not designed for end-users right?


Just discovered your project that looked very interesting when reading the NextCloud PR but in fact it looks like designed for IT engineers considering how etup of server to manage datas is complicated :frowning: Have you thought about mone mainstream implementations of data server ? or at least something usable by most of people and not a product designed by and for IT doctor ?

Best and good luck with that nice project,


Hi Vincèn,

Thanks for your interest!

Kailona is especially for the end users who would like to keep their health data with full control in a private single place from different platforms and healthcare providers. It provides the integration capabilities of any hospital systems on a well known standard in healthcare, HL7 FHIR®, so that is why it uses a FHIR® server as data store.

It is easy to setup an open source FHIR® server and configure it with Kailona if you are a Nextcloud Admin and familiar with its deployment. You can find the instructions here:

We will also launch our public live site with a centralized FHIR server for the end users who are not comfortable with such deployment / installation or who would like to register and use Kailona quickly. That site will be live soon here: https://app.kailona.org

Please stay tuned, and we appreciate your feedback!



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HI Aysel, we’ve a project in Germany who need easy Docker deployment of their non-tech practices. I’ll ask our RD in US to study this project. Thanks for the information.

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Hey Ayse…

as long as you are still (alpha)testing … would there be any FOSS FHIR -Server you’d recommend installing?


and easy to install in a shared hosting if you want it to go mainstream :wink: (not some damn dockers or similar great ideas…)

hehehe… i wouldn’t care if it’s dockerized or not. snap isn’t my thing. but sure enough a native version would be great , you’re right

At the risk of beating a dead horse… I’m no IT guru but I’ve deployed a server or two in my day. Currently my NC uses apache and I believe I failed to setup my FHIR server properly b/c of port conflicts between nginx and apache, but also I got a little confused by the wording of the bit about setting up your letsencrypt certs to ‘terminate at nginx’ - possibly because I was very tired when I tried this, but even now looking back I feel the wording to be a bit ambiguous.

  1. Get a domain name and add SSL registration for your domain with Let’s Encrypt to be terminated at NGINX. This is critical for security!

I know how to get a cert but not clear on what is meant by ‘terminated at nginx’ here.
I love the idea of this project and want to help w alpha testing. Any clarification would be much appreciated, though I will also try to figure it out myself (and if I manage to make it work/make sense of it I will update comment)

Thanks Kailona :slight_smile:


being you I’d rather open a new thread for your inquiry.
Cheers :beers: