I got rejected to upload files, offer to print my files…

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I set up everything and it works, but today when sending a mail to my doctor in Germany they told me they never did something like this and won’t as this is sensible data. They told me that they can print me all my data the next time I am there.
Do they have the possibility to only print my files? They have digital high resolution photos which will lose data when printed, that’s why I am not really satisfied.

I get the impression that if this doctor will not send anything, no doctor will send files to my Kailona App in Nextcloud as I made this request to a highly digitalized doctor in a major city in Germany.

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Hello @max,

Thank you for experimenting with our alpha release.

As of January 1, 2021, people who are insured under the German public health insurance, have a right to a elektronische Patientenakte (ePA).

When a health care provider does not comply, they might not have the technical knowledge. When they say they can “print” your files, that means they do have a digital version of your files, which they should be able to upload. Medical images are in DICOM format. If the provider for some reasons can not upload the DICOM files, they must give you the files on a CD/DVD or memory stick and then you can upload it. I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the response.

I got back to the doctor. As he argued that the problem was “Datenschutz” I assured that there is no problem with privacy or security, that I self host this server and it’s end to end encrypted via HTTPS. I also offered other digital options like enrypted mail or a CD. Everything was rejected, I can either have my data printed there or printed and sent via mail.

I also phoned my health insurance. They told me that I have no right to get my data in a digital form. I asked for the ePA and they further told me that the ePA would not include all my data from the doctor and especially those would not be included. Apart from that the ePA requires an application from Google Play and there is no possibility to offically get the app on my smartphone without google apps.

It seems that this project depends on the mercy of the individual doctor. I am kind of frustrated.

I’m not an expert for data privacy, but I’m pretty sure GDPR/DSGVO your doctor is obligated to provide you personal data for you in electronic/machine-readable format.

I found some sources discussing your right to obtain your personal data (in german):

Data privacy is often put forward as an argument if somebody does not want/does not know how to provide that data. But in reality GDPR is very strict about your rights to get information and insight which data concerning you is processed and how. I would ask for reasoning, both your doctor and the insurance, how they can refuse access to your data in regard to GDPR.

Here is also a template for data request:

I also want to request my data from hospitals/doctors, and I expect some difficulties.

Thanks @rodd , thanks @aysel ,

I finally got a positive feedback. I only want to encourage everyone to stay stubborn. You have the right to get it digitally but the current software doesn’t seem to support it. So if the doctor’s receptionist doesn’t want to help you go to the data protection officer who is in general also named. They know your rights and will also make it possible for you.