How does the process of retrieving data from my health care provider work?

Hi! I’m considering adding Kailona to my Nextcloud, however this would only make sense for me if I could import data from some of my health care providers (dentist, …). I’m living in Germany, so I know they are obliged to provide this data, but I’m not going to threaten legal action or anything. Being on good terms with the person drilling into my teeth is worth more to me than having my health data in my Nextcloud. :wink:

Therefore I would like to ask my health care providers whether they have an uncomplicated process of providing the data in a format that Kailona can consume. However, I don’t know what I should ask them, since I can’t find any documentation about the data formats that Kailona can process. Can somebody point me to a reference there?


hi lukas,

thank you for your interest in using kailona. we included standard language in our data request process but you can edit it to remove an legal reference before you submit the request.

we support any data format. the target format will always be fhir but even if the provider only has pdfs or jpegs, you can still store, view and share them securely with kailona.